Pressure Pumping

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Industry leading equipment with next level service.

At Regiment we strive for perfection and efficiency. Employees, Equipment and Exceeding Expectations define our success. Our industry leading fleet of Tier 2 and Tier 4 2500HP quinteuplex pumps can take on the industry’s toughest jobs.

Regiment offers the following services:

  • Pumpdown
  • Toe Prep
  • Drill Out
  • Acid Jobs
  • Tubing Jobs
  • Coil Pump Assist
  • Miscellaneous pumping
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Frequently Asked Questions
What makes our Pumpdown services stand out?

On site, Regiment will track technical data with our Toughbook MDT/AMI data acquisition system. We give the operator a wide range of data monitoring capabilities. To ensure reliability and our goal of zero NPT, Regiment adheres to a 500 hour preventative maintenance schedule.

How does Data Van add value?

We use a mobile 24 ft enclosed trailer that serves as a data control center. This provides our customers with a functional place to work and allows them to see live data that is being tracked by transducers and other monitoring devices. We have full screen monitors that are mounted in every data van displaying real-time data to the customer. This gives the customer access to what the operators are seeing on their screens as well as giving the customer info without taking the focus away from the operator performing the job.

Who will work at the drill site?

A typical crew consists of two to three operators for every 12 hour shift. This will include one Service Supervisor and two Hands. It is not uncommon to see a Field Coordinator or a District Manager out in the field checking on operations and evaluating crew needs. We also have two Master Field Mechanics that are available 24 hrs a day to trouble shoot and fix issues.

What if I need to change my project?

Our team in the field is prepared and ready to adapt and overcome any change that is made by the operator. We offer 24 hr communications with a Field Coordinator and the District Manager who can make quick decisions to ensure changes are done efficiently.

Why Regiment?

Here at Regiment we focus on what’s important: Safety, Employees, Customers, Quality and Efficiency. We have a combined 50 years experience and people that will to go the extra mile for your job to be successful and completed in a timely manner. We are a company that is here to grow and cultivate relationships, anticipate and exceed customer needs, and be at the forefront of all fracing operations.

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